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Bodyguard of Derek Chauvin reveals what it was like guarding ‘the most hated an in America’ [Video]

The bodyguard hired to keep Derek Chauvin safe while he was on trial for the murder of George Floyd has revealed what it was like guarding 'the most hated an in America.' 

Scott Yelle described how he lead a secret security operation which used safe houses, armored SUVS, and even disguises to keep the Minneapolis cop safe while he was on trial for the murder of George Floyd.

Yelle said that the security detail would wear bulletproof vests and kept a go-bag with mace, tourniquets and gas masks in the car in case they were attacked.

The bodyguard even used Snapchat to monitor where big clusters of protesters were, using the social media app's map feature.

'This was some agitator's Super Bowl,' Yelle told Inside Edition, of the opportunity for some protesters to take Chauvin out during his trips to and from his safehouse, some 35miles away from the Minneapolis courthouse where he was on trial, across …

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